Welcome to Bells Autosport

BELLS have established a niche market for:

High end exotics, such as Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and Aston Martin;

Major collision and more difficult repairs;

We are privileged to have completed a number of show winners, museum vehicles and even cars for movies for our diverse client base during our 30 years in the automotive industry;

Our talents extend as far as custom frame work and paint on motor cycles;

Customer service, uncompromising quality and attention to detail are a major source of pride to our team. BELLS are privileged to work on some of the most valuable vehicles in the world.



BELLS are internationally trained and certified by Ferrari and Maserati specializing in new age aluminum vehicles.

Our team has repaired more than 1000 Ferraris and Maseratis over the last 8 years, probably one of the highest volumes anywhere in the world.

Our team has been hand selected with internal and international training to hone their skills. We have passion for our trade and the kinds of vehicles we repair.

Frame repairs are trucked to us from all over the USA. We have all the components necessary to restore our clients’ vehicles to their pre-accident condition and to make the experience as easy as possible for our clients.

Insurance companies hold us in the highest regard and we are known for our customer service and attention to detail. BELLS have relationships with all major players in the insurance repair industry.

We reiterate that our teams’ expertise extends to many high end makes of vehicles, such as Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Audi, Jaguar & Lamborghini.

Concourse detailing and delivery and collection services are available. Please feel free to stop by any time and we look forward to being of service to you.